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ESCAPE THE 1980s Deals
(Current Sales & Specials)

Fun Things In Philly

It’s like one of the most fun things to do in Philly.

Scroll down to see Philly escape the room deals and coupons for ESCAPE THE 1980s. 

Throwback Thursdays – $25 Tickets!
We love Thursdays just as much as you do. Book tickets on a Thursday night and get them for $25 each!! Use promo code: Throwback_Thursdays Cannot be combined with any other offer. If you’re a deal shopper, this is the best deal, like, ever.


50-Ticket Packs ($19.50+ per ticket)
Offer incentives, rewards or team-building to your entire office and let departments schedule on their time. Escape room games are SO MUCH FUN and bond your staff. Visit this page  to learn more.


Book a Private Game – Get $25 off
Click Tickets > Private Game. Add code BOB_ROSS to get $25 off a private game! Cannot be combined with party room games or any other offer. Please note: You must select “Private Game” to redeem this deal.


Family Games – $25 Tickets – Anytime
Use PROMO CODE Family_Ties to get $25 tickets — anytime. Family Games are the exact same game as our regular games, but we allow parents with kids that are 8-16. Click Here to see our family games.

Happy Hour Games  – Groups 4 or More / M-F / $25 Tickets
Choose a 4:30, 5:30, 6:00 or 6:30 game, Monday – Friday. Book 4 tickets, and they’re $25 each! Hit us up around happy hour and use code CHEERS.