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Family Day Sundays

Sundays in September


We LOVED this family that visited us from NJ.

It’s family bonding to the max,
with rad discounts for your clan. 

You are parents with teenagers, and you want to do a family activity that they will not think is dorky. You are a sister or a brother or a niece or a nephew with a family that will be around on a Sunday in September.

Escape The 1980s ignites the ultimate family bonding like nothing else. All the sudden your teenagers are working WITH you. Your off-beat brother is cracking up laughing. Your 86 year old mom thinks she figured something out. Escape the 1980s is a sixty minute experience that will leave your family feeling close.

Unify the clan. Get them running around, laughing, screaming, dancing and (most importantly) bonding. Your family will feel close, connected, and have a lot of fun. And, you’ll create a memory that you’ll all talk about for a really long time.

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4-Pack Family Tickets –  $28 off
6-Pack Family Tickets – $42 off
12-Pack Family Tickets – Bring along another family! Get $84 off
ALL IN THE FAMILY Discount – Book a private party and get $130 off

Use Promo Code: FAMILYDAYS

Escape The 1980s is recommended for individuals 12 and up.
You don’t need to know anything about the 80s to play.