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Buy Escape The 1980s – Gift Tickets

Give them an experience they’ll talk about forever:
A Gift Ticket to Escape The 1980s.

Give your family, friends, colleagues or employees a gift that will title you “Like the
coolest person in the entire world, dude”….A gift ticket that grants the recipient admission on a time travel adventure through Escape The 1980s!

E-Gift Tickets (sent by email)

Purchase an e-gift ticket, and get instant delivery by email! Your gift recipient can use the online code to book their game whenever they want! We’ll email your code within seconds of receiving your order. Choose “Generic Gift Ticket” when ordering.

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 Golden Tickets (Mailed)

Looking to wrap something up? Our Wonka-style, Golden Tickets are perfectly sized to fit into a candy bar! Ships within 48 hours. $3.50 flat rate shipping for each order. 

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Corporate Ticket Packs (Mailed)

Want to give something to the whole team? Get our lowest prices when you purchase 50 or more tickets.

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