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Party Room

Have a party… in the 1980s

The Escape The 1980s party room holds 28 seated / 40 sitting and standing and is perfect for any  birthday party, corporate team building event, Bachelor/Bachelorette party, reunion — or group outing! It’s the rad choice for a small or large group party venue. Stop by and see it!

You bring the fun, food and drinks — and we’ll supply a like, totally stellar setting! The Escape The 1980s party room includes 80’s music, trivia decks, an “adjust your own” lighting display, Atari, a full table Nintendo unit, 80s KAROKE (ask us for this), a big screen wall TV playing videos — and like totally serious, 1980s board games (including Operation).

Philly Party Room

All our party packages include free use of the party room!

The room holds up to 28 comfortably seated or approx 40+ with standing/sitting and works well as a small or large group party venue. It also features a spacious corridor for your buffet, food and drinks. Check out our awesome party packages that include the party room, sodas for each player and 3 framed game photos — FREE!

Your group will clink glasses in a land of total righteousness. And if you have a large group (2 or more games) you can watch the final team  go to we’ll air go through the game live on the party room TV!

Our party room is FREE with our Party Group and team building party packages.

Philly BYOB rental

You control your own lighting. Make the room any color you wish!

BYOB Large Group Philly

Includes refrigerator, sink and coffee maker. Have your event catered, BYOB or use our beer delivery service!

Room Rental Philly

There’s nothing else like it in Philly

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All party packages include free use of our party room!

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Want to host a longer party? We’ll work with you. Call us.

Private Event Room Philly

Choose one of our party packages that includes the game plus the party room (a 2.5 hour event!)

Fun Bachelorette Party Philly

Birthday parties, corporate team building groups, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, family reunions and celebrations LOVE our party room space. It’s extremely inexpensive (and over the top rad)