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Cocktail Party & Press Event

You are invited
to an exclusive press event

Wed, October 7, 2015
6PM – 11PM (open house)
compliments of Escape The 1980s
1804 E. Passyunk Ave

Mingle with other members of the press, enjoy food and drinks, and play the city’s largest room escape game! This is a free event, by invitation only, for the Philadelphia press — hosted by Escape The 1980s.




Press Event Details

On October 7, 2015, Escape the 1980s will host a private event for the Philadelphia press and city and community leaders. Drinks and foods will be served from 6PM on.

Escape the 1980s is an interactive room escape game where players must figure out how to get out of a 4-room, 1980s mini mall by using clues and codes that will help them “get back to future”. Make calls from push button phones…hack into an old-school computer… play Atari to unlock a gigantic twister board… and more. Each experience lasts 60-minutes. Escape the 1980s has received 10 Stars by room escape reviewers and has been called “one of the best room escapes in the country”.


This is an exclusive event for select press, politicians and community leaders. Delicious foods, sparkling drinks and time-travel adventure games begin at 6PM. Questions? Contact our PR person Ilene Wiler at ilenena94@gmail.com


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