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Our Top Customer Questions

See below for our detailed info about parking, large groups, restaurants, kids and our favorite question — “is the game scary”. To see ALL FAQ, click here.


Taxi, Car, Subway, Bus, Uber — it’s all really easy. Click here for info on getting to East Passyunk.


Parking is pretty easy. You have four options: Parking Garage, Off-Street, Meters or Valet.

Parking lot rates

Parking Garage
1434 McKean Street Phila PA 19148 (on your GPS)

There’s a parking lot that’s a six minute walk to us at Broad and Passyunk.The parking lot is on the West side of Broad Street, in the CONSTITUTION PLAZA (click the link to see a video).  It only costs $5 after 5PM during the week!

After you park, just walk across Broad Street to EAST Passyunk Avenue. Walk a few minutes and you’ll reach us at 1804 East Passyunk 19148.
The parking lot is DEFINITELY the right choice if you want to go out for drinks and/or food before or after your game.We like the parking garage because we know you won’t be late or stressed with finding parking. You also don’t have to move your car every 2 or 3 hours. And it’s CHEAP. ($5 after 5PM)

Metered Parking & Free Parking
3-hour metered parking is also available on East Passyunk Avenue, all around our building and in a metered parking lot just. Free parking (2 hours) is available on the residential streets (just turn right or left off East Passyunk. Important:Please make sure you allow extra time to park. We start all games at the exact time you scheduled.

Valet Parking 
There’s also VALET PARKING on East Passyunk, with a stop just a few blocks away from us. As of 7/2016, this service is available Tuesday-Sunday 5PM-Midnight. The link contains all the info you need, but if you have any additional valet questions, please contact INFO@VISITEASTPASSYUNK.COM

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We work with large group parties, and you can find information about that here. We’ll split your team into mini-groups (each can hold a max of 14) and provide back-to-back games. As soon as the first game is finished, the second will begin! We also offer complimentary use of our party room (usually $150/hr) with a BYO drinks and foods and some extra perks. Check out our packages!

What our corporate and larger groups are finding is that our back-to-back games will actually make your event feel even more substantial. If you have a group of 20 for example, rather then being a quick one hour game, your event will take two hours and both groups will have stories to share.


If you’re looking for a specific weekday, daytime spot (before 4PM, we can easily work with you). For night-time and weekend spots, we’ll do our very best. Call us.


NO – YOU DON’T NEED TO KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE 80s TO PLAY. There’s no trivia, no vital 80’s clues and nothing you need to know. The game is styled to the 80s and decked out with the color, tech, sites and sounds of that era (which is really fun) — but there’s nothing AT ALL required in terms of knowledge. Everything you need to know is inside the game. If you DO remember the 80s, you’ll enjoy the soundtrack and the get some of our subtle humor. But no knowledge of the 80s is needed here


There are so many amazing restaurants on Passyunk Avenue. Here are a few of our top choices. You can see them all here —> East Passyunk Avenue Restaurants 


If you’re having a party with us, check out our catering picks.


For private parties, yes you can! That means, if you have the room booked only for your group (and have purchased all the tickets for that game time), you may add another person! Our games close to the public at 12. We reserve two tickets for each public game for last minute add ons. Call us.


In many cases, this is possible. If there’s a group or team that exists and there are tickets available, you can call us and we’ll manually book the tickets.


It’s the exact opposite of scary. It is like a party. There is absolutely, 100% nothing scary about this experience at all. Compare it more to the feeling of a roller skating rink or a party.


Want to bring the kids? We can help you with this. Find a game time marked “FAMILY GAMES“. Those times are designated for families with kids age 9+. You need one adult for every two kids under 10. You can also book a Private Game and include the kids. Please Note: Our regular (single ticket) games are designed for adults and are limited to guests age 16 and up.