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Escape The 1980s is THE BEST team-building
choice for your office.

EscapeThe1980s_LogoListYou want to give your team “an experience”, right? You want them to have fun with a solid team building event Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 9.12.13 PM
that will not only encourage them to work together — but will also push them to HAVE FUN together. And as a side note,  you want them to think you’re cool, because you picked something cool. Correct?

Escape the 1980s is the city’s largest room escape game, designed to provide a ridiculously fun experience for all participants. The game was strategically developed to promote teamwork in an environment that requires it! You don’t need to know anything at all about the 80s to play and win. (It’s just “set” in the 1980s).

The game was designed by a team of UX experts, engineers, artists and programmers — with a focus on team-building. It’s not scary, it’s not tense, and it’s a perfect choice for first-time room escape players. When our corporate groups leave, they leave smiling, laughing and even dancing. We are serious about the dancing part.

Top Five Reasons You Should Choose Escape The 1980s

1) It’s easy to get here… afterwards, you can walk to lunch, dinner or drinks!
We’re super easy to get to (a 6-minute cab ride from center city), it’s easy to park here and it’s WORTH the trip. East Passyunk Avenue is one of the city’s coolest streets — packed with 5-star restaurants, hipster bars, yuppie luncheonettes, and small shops. We’ve hosted team-building activities for offices in Philadelphia, the suburbs, New Jersey, Delaware — and beyond. They’ll all tell you it was worth the trip.

2) We’re the biggest game in Philly — and perfect for escape room newbies
Ours is a four-room, 5-star game — packed with 80s props and interactive tech. You don’t need to know anything about the 1980s (it’s just the setting), and we customize each game based on your group’s movement. We also work with large groups and host day long corporate events, with back-to-back games and a party room.

3) Escape The 1980s helps build teams (you’ll see the results after the game)
Escape ThScreen Shot 2016-01-29 at 6.59.27 PMe 1980s was built around psychology and movement. It features interactive props and a player journey that requires teamwork. Your staff will need to work together — and they’ll WANT TO. After the game, you’ll find your staff is happy, wide-eyed, energized (and they’ve forged an entirely new bond they’ll talk about at the water cooler).

4) You can pick your staff’s game time, whenever it works for your office
Unlike many escape games and team building facilities, Escape The 1980s is open during working hours — all week long. Call us and we’ll schedule a game time that works with your office schedule. We also work with area restaurants that offer special discounts to our corporate clients. We can help you set that up too.

5) This is the “Most Fun” room escape around – Scout’s honor. Look at our Facebook photos. Look at our reviews. Check out our press. Yep. We’re known as the “fun” room escape.

Bottom line? Escape The 1980s requires a team of people working together to do something really fun… and bonding happens. It’s a team-building activity without being dorky. It’s fun and hip because it’s, well, the 80s. It’s short and can be scheduled over lunch. And it’s not expensive. Give your team a field trip. They deserve it, and they’ll love you for it. Here’s PROOF.