About Us

We are an award-winning experiential learning and gamification group that has worked with Fortune 500 companies, medium-sized businesses, and large-scale museums.

What We Do

Steel Owl is an experiential agency that creates interactive games, experiences and brands for medium and large scale corporations and museums.

We work with companies that are looking to reach a specific target audience with content they want to teach. This includes training for employees and brand activations for external audiences.

Steel Owl is an award-winning, full-service experience production company.  Our team includes a network of professionals in experience design, game design, UX, engineering, robotics, film and set design.

Every one of our clients works directly with a company principal.

Elisabeth Tantaros Garson

Elisabeth Garson is an Executive Creative Director and an Experience Producer that builds interactive brand experiences, and develops gamification for corporate training (learn as you play). She’s given dozens of lectures on experiential design, advertising, escape rooms and more. She authored two industry books and is the owner of Steel Owl Productions, with the award-winning game room, Escape The 1980s.

Her current work blends interactive, off-screen experiences with advertising and learning. In 2015, she founded Steel Owl Productions, a company that works with brands looking to promote or train via real-life experiences. She’s developed interactive experiences for the museum industry, training industry and Fortune 500 companies.

Prior to Steel Owl Productions, Garson worked in Advertising for 20 years as a Creative Director. Her clients included large companies (Comcast, Advanta, The Franklin Mint), medium sized businesses and start-ups. From craft beer…to cable TV — her creative work explored consumer experience, from the perspective of targeted audience research. This knowledge acted as the primary building block for the Steel Owl business model, including game development, company branding, and puzzles to create player engagement.

In addition, she created several Philadelphia events including the sold-out “Dating Game Live” (set up like the 1980s show) and a sold out “Happening Event” where participants purchased tickets to something that was happening (but they didn’t know what it was). She was the co-creator of an independent short film that created outlandish experiences for unsuspecting deliverymen. She also the developed The Philadelphia Arts Market concept for the City of Philadelphia, which is still in process of development, and on-hold for the moment.

Over the years, Garson’s endeavors have attracted press from The Philadelphia Inquirer, CBS 3, NBC 10, ABC 6, KYW News Radio, Time Magazine and dozens of others.